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Advise Ally is an all-embracing consulting, advisory and research company.  Founded on the mainspring of passion and integrity, we strive to create a unique offering that goes beyond superficial advice. Our elemental strategy is to mine valuable insights that are both global and local in nature. Sprouting from the roots of knowledge and experience, we seek to deliver views that are broad as well as granular.   

We, at Advise Ally, believe in the power of fresh thinking and passionate people which is a commingle of both the experience of people who’ve done it before and the optimism of people who haven’t. Our fervour to thrive and ensure growth for our internal and external stakeholders is deeply imbued in our culture. We continue to expand our presence and take on projects that enrich our organisation.

What we do

What we do


We effectuate integrated FDI solutions that complement our capabilities with curated & customized spectrum of FDI services translating into tangible results for our clients.

foreign direct investment (fdi)


Capturing the essentia of the trade from geographies to sectors, we go a step beyond consulting to provide evidence-based insights, actionable recommendations & support to our clients, worldwide. 



An approved Agro consultant by the U.S. States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in India, we have years of experience in assisting global Co-operatives as well as Trade Associations identify new growth avenues in premium Agricultural, Food, and Beverage segments in India. 

Agricultural & Food products


We leverage our relationship with Economic Development Organisations and Investment Promotion Agencies globally to offer services to international Education Institutions in India in lieu of increased outbound mobility. 



We capture the opportunities and discover the possibilities of business growth in the future cities of India. We evaluate the location for existing geographic presence or future expansion of business in India.

Future Cities & Site Selection

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We assist emerging markets with attracting investments in infrastructure, to meet demand and achieve the clear growth potential that exists thereby also partaking in major sectors in global commerce, tourism. 

Tourism & Economic Development

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Team Brainstorm

Our Philosophy

Our promise of integrity, trust, effective communication and being ethical stems from within and transcends into our relationship with our clients . We are aggressive in wanting to be the leaders in what we do and facilitate viewpoints for an active engagement with our team members be it Empowerment, Collaborative Development or Awareness Creation. 

For us, at Advise Ally, inclusion is a way of life, this concept permeates our culture and is embedded in our values and behaviours as service providers and as an future employer. We seek to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources for all from a holistic point of view. This would be done with a deep-rooted ideology to ensure that our culture is a reflection of the world we wish to create.

Shehazad Lakhani

About Shehazad

Shehazad’s passion and knowledge is well backed by 14+ years of industry experience and extensive insights. Prior to founding Advise Ally Consulting, Shehazad has worked in functions areas of Mergers & Acquisition, Market Research, Business Development & Market Development projects activities. His business experience spans across international markets in North America, Europe, Middle east, Latin America, and Asia. 

At Advise Ally, Shehazad handles 'all-things-business' by bringing over a decade of diverse experience with Global MNCs. Additionally, his current role also entails nurturing a team of young managers & putting in processes for Advise Ally towards their journey of becoming a sustainable company with his diversified experience across industries & domains which can help the company to fly farther & higher. In all these years, Shehazad has assisted clients successfully to achieve their India objectives pertaining to Trade, Exports and attracting Foreign Investments.

Modern City

setting Global context in a cluttered world.



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