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foreign direct investment (FDI)

One region, One representation – Assured Exclusivity

We work with Countries, Regions, Cities, Government organizations, Special industrial & economic spaces and trade bodies from across the globe to develop and implement successful strategies for attracting investments. We help Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) and Economic Development Agencies (EDOs) to attract and retain Foreign Direct Investments.

Lead Generation

We help create customized lead generation campaigns to identify trade and investment leads. Each of these curated campaigns are envisaged subject to the budgets available or for a specified time period which can be either sector focused or city specific. These campaigns are set in motion with prior simulation in order to gauge interest of the right fit companies from our proprietary database which ensures project qualified leads are shortlisted for fructiferous discussions during face to face meetings.   

In-Market Representation

We are your local facilitator in the marketplace to develop business opportunities in the best way possible and at the right time. We represent both public as well as private sector clients confidently and enthusiastically. In-Market Representation is facilitated on a project or on a long-term retainer basis to fall in-line with the clients’ requirements.

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Profile Amplification & Outreach (Offline & Online)

Advise Ally recognises how important it is to transform as well as translate strategies to practical outcomes and the support of a reliable local ally becomes imperative, when one doesn’t have a foothold in local markets. Advise Ally becomes your trusted ally in amplifying your vision to action to fruition. Additionally, each of our team members are domain experts with access to a network of key decision makers.

Trade Shows

With a strong belief in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach, we attend trade shows on behalf of Economic Development Organizations & Investment Promotion Agencies. To ensure time and cost efficiency, our in-house deliverable mechanism captures every meeting at such trade shows along with regular follow-ups translating into the next round of meetings. 

Leadership Summits and Seminars

Bringing leadership of large and midsize companies together for a summit is an art which Advise Ally has mastered. Such events are powerful catalysts to facilitate dialogue, align leaders, encourage breakthrough thinking & fuel collaboration across the organization for new opportunities. Even in today's virtually networked world, face-to-face summits are holding their own as a way for effective engagement between association members and stakeholders. 


Organising roadshows, promoting exports and investments, attracting investor and buyer delegations to your country, organising face to face meetings with CXOs, creating a brand, identifying local partners/ agents/dealers and liaising with authorities for projects and approvals, we tailor solutions to suit your business needs.

Having an experience of working with foreign governments, businesses and brands for over a decade has given us a deeper insight into cultures, work ethics and people of various countries. We build on this experience to facilitate a smooth journey for our esteemed clients.

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