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Future Cities and Site selection

Working together to build cities of tomorrow or We work together in building cities of tomorrow

Tier-2 / Mini metro cities in India are proving to be the epicenter of development and fast paced urbanization. We capture the opportunities and discover the possibilities of growth for business in the future cities of India.   

Government & Key Stakeholders

We work closely with Municipal Corporations in identifying investment opportunities down the value chain for priority sectors in order to boost credentials and appeal as a place to live, work, study and do business.

Key Sector Solutioning

Future cities have enormous possibilities & each city has their respective Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) who plans, appraises, approves, releases funds, implements, manages, operates, monitors and evaluates the smart city development projects. Our solutions includes:

  • Understanding & developing the Value Proposition for the city.

  • Finding the drivers for Indian & International investments and sectors that would invest in such cities.

  • Identification of potential investors in relevant sectors, and contact establishment in order to promote the city as an FDI destination.

  • Provide support on Research and Intelligence on Global economy, Business environment, sectors and regions etc.

Digital Ecosystem participation

We assist companies by being a part of  information and communication technology (ICT) transformations and enable them to provide the best possible solutions thereby connecting every citizen to policy-making and administration.

City Street

System Integrators

We help companies participate in Digital Ecosystem opportunities by connecting them with right fit system integrators. Therefore, bringing onboard different entities for improved efficiency for a complete product or a solution.

Smart City Development (City & Citizens)

Our experience in working with citizens and local corporations enables an understanding of both sides of the process for the client. This is advantageous while working with the local corporations and listening to what its citizens need as we then apply technology-driven solutions to deliver services in the most economical and sustainable way.

Citizen Experience & Engagement

We facilitate viewpoints for an active engagement with citizens through initiatives pertaining to Empowerment, Collaborative Development, Awareness Creation etc.

Green Initiatives

We actively engage in adding value to Smart Cities and be involved in improving the quality of life of the inhabitants by offering a lasting opportunity for cultural, economic and social growth within a healthy, safe, stimulating and dynamic environment.

City Resources Optimization

We believe - Smart Cities is the optimisation of city resource allocation through data, which allows reactive processes to become predictive. Our assistance is extended through all stages of this transition, from collecting and aggregating data to implementing useful business rules. 

Site Selection

We provide global corporations the market intelligence needed to make informed, strategic location decisions in India for existing locations and expansion opportunities. Our focus is on creating a balance between the client’s needs and maintaining the relationship with state and local economic development partners. Our services extend to:

  • Location Screening & Advisory

  • Economic Incentive negotiation

  • Industry Analysis & Operating Cost Benchmarking

  • Regulatory & Statutory Compliance

  • Risk mitigation

  • Economic Incentives Schemes Optimization

We partner with you to manage all aspects of the process to ensure you achieve your financial objectives.  

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